Interior Decoration Interior Decoration

After the design proposal has been accepted by the client, a letter of agreement will be signed by the client to retain First Impressions Decor™ to develop a design concept. 

Projects are completed adhering to the principles of Sustainable Design that includes use of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. 

Universal Design principles are also incorporated into many projects to ensure spaces are accessible and enjoyed by everyone.

Design Concept Development may cover some or all of the following as required:

Office Space Design, Lobby, Common Areas

  1. Floor plan schematics, lighting plans and colour boards.

  2. Product sourcing and selection of hard finishes materials to include:
    - cabinetry and counters,
    - wall finishes (paint, wallpaper, specialty coatings)
    - plumbing, faucets, hardware,
    - ceiling materials
    - floor materials (tiles, hardwood, carpet),

  3. lighting,

  4. architectural millwork (stair pickets, base, trim, doors, casings and cornice)

  5. Product sourcing and selection of soft finishes to include:
    - furniture,
    - window treatments,
    - lamps,
    - accessories.

  6. Preparation of hard and soft finishes specification schedules.

  7. Preparation of budget at current market rates for finishes specified, workrooms and/or licensed professionals, contractors hired to complete installation of finishes.

Concept Development is Fixed Design Fee per space dependant on the actual scope of work.


Interior Decoration Interior Decoration