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So you are decorating your home or business but have no idea what to do or how to do it, where to start or what direction you should go. Guess what? You are not alone! I am here to help.

Interior decoration or decor is the art of decorating a room so that it is attractive, easy to use, and functions well with the existing architecture. The goal of interior decoration is to provide a certain "feel" for the room; it encompasses applying wallpaper, painting walls and other surfaces, choosing furniture and fittings, such as light fixtures, floorplans and providing other decorations for the area such as paintings, sculptures and carpets. In some cases, interior decorating is performed professionally by certified interior decorators (C.I.D.)

Although the terms interior decorating and interior design are sometimes used interchangeably, each discipline exhibits a distinct difference in its scope. Interior decorating is generally focused on the selection and presentation of interior items within a space, such as furniture, accessories, finishes and room layout. Interior design, on the other hand, involves manipulating the architectural integrity of the interior space.

Interior design is a practice concerned with anything that is found inside a space - walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture. All of these elements are used by interior decorators to develop the most functional space for a building's users. has tips, tricks and ideas that will help you to create a home of your dreams and make every decorating project easy and stress free! My name is Cathy Fantauzzi and I am a professional interior decorator, interior decorator, and home decorator. I created to be your interior decorator helping you design your home your way. This website will help you:

  • discover how to buy furniture, window treatments, blinds, artwork, accessories, plants, flooring and more online
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  • with just about any decorating project you are facing with our extensive decorating articles
  • find the best decorating books on your style or decorating needs
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A theme is a consistent idea used throughout a room to create a feeling of completeness. These themes often follow period styles. Examples of this are Louis XV, Victorian, Minimalist, Georgian, Gothic, or Art Decor. The evolution of interior decoration themes has now grown to include themes not necessarily consistent with a specific period style allowing the mixing of pieces from different periods. Each element should contribute to form or function or both and maintain a consistent standard of quality and combine to create the desired design.

what is interior design?

Interior decorators or designers plan many different spaces including: offices, airport terminals, theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and private residences. Interior design is not to be confused with interior decoration which is focussed on choosing color palettes with complementary furniture, flooring, window coverings, artwork, and lighting. Today, interior decorators must be attuned to architectural detailing including: floor plans, home renovations, and construction codes. Interior design draws on aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, and product design in addition to traditional decoration. An interior decorator or designer is a person who designs interiors as part of their job. Interior design is a creative practice that analyzes programmatic information, establishes a conceptual direction, refines the design direction, and produces graphic communication and construction documents.


Interior decorators can specialize in a particular interior design discipline, such as residential and commercial design, with some developing expertise within a niche design area such as hospitality, health care and institutional design. In jurisdictions where the profession is regulated by the government, decorators must meet broad qualifications and show competency in the entire scope of the profession, not only in a specialty. decorators may elect to obtain specialist certification offered by private organizations. Interior decorators who also possess environmental expertise in design solutions for sustainable construction can receive accreditation in this area by taking the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) examination.

The specialty areas that involve interior decorators are limited only by the imagination and are continually growing and changing. With the increase in the aging population, an increased focus has been placed on developing solutions to improve the living environment of the elderly population, which takes into account health and accessibility issues that can affect the design. Awareness of the ability of interior spaces to create positive changes in people's lives is increasing, so interior design is also becoming relevant to this type of advocacy.


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